Friday, June 18, 2010

Super Conductors -Did u know??

It was the first day of PU college in Sadvidya, in the first hour, a very interesting Physics lecturer (the seniors called him 'Dandu' we too followed the trend),entered our class, without any introduction he asked one of the student (raghavan) a question "What is Physics ? " raghavan replied "Physics is reality which deals with nature and its laws" Dandu disagreed, another student answered "It is the science of matter and energy" again he disagreed many other students answered with respect to motion, energy , laws etc.. Dandu disagreed to all these answers and gave an answer which consisted all the answers given before saying, "Physics is nothing but reality which deals with matter, energy, laws of motion ..etc"
By now we had a good idea of the kind of lecturer this guy is.

Next he started talking about his favorite topic 'Super Conductors'. He sensationalized the super conductors saying
"In future train will be literally flying on the tracks and can travel in the speed of sound because super conductors.The only problem is if you apply brakes in Mysore railway station the train will stop in Nanjangud" Many of us started murmuring about what the hell is he saying?
He did notice us but did not care he went on saying "In future, launching a satellite will cost just 10 Rs!!" He explained this briefly "This is how it could be done, a circular piece of super conductor is taken and the satellite to be launched is placed on it and pushed upwards with hands, the satellite moves at velocity greater than the escape velocity and gets settled in the orbit. Thats it! its simple all due to super conductors"

This time we could not control, some of us in the last benches started laughing seeing this dandu got irritated and lost his temper, He slapped one of the student, and asked the students in last two benches to follow him to the lab, there a detailed session of inquiry about each of us took place.He said he won't be allowing us to the lab for the whole year.After some apologies, regret and excuses by us, he decided to let us go, before we left he gave us his tuition card and asked us to join his tuition center.Soon we realized what this whole episode was about.

PS-After this incident one of my friend left the college, four of the ten guys who were caught the other day joined his tuition center.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Trip

After inquiring every bit of information of the trek, we finally decided to go for our first trek , which was a bit risky as we were the first one to go for this place after the rail service had begun. We boarded the 12:10 train from mysore to sakleshpura, We took a whole compartment in the unreserved part of the train as we ten members. The train reached saklespur around 4:00 in the morning, after a discussion about the trek with the station master we boarded the same train to donigal. At the Donigal station, we had our first bit of adventure the train just slowed down and did not stop, we had to jump from the moving train with our heavy bags to get down.

Donigal is a beautiful place surrounded by thick forests.After getting the glimpse of the beautiful sunrise we embarked our trek.
It was a very misty morning.. low visibility.. within couple of kms on the tracks, we reached the first bridge.. we admired the view.. the greenery, the height of the bridge and the mist.. a very quaint place.. with a creaky old bridge.. and invigorating freshness..we reached for our cameras..initially it felt difficult to step on the slippery sleepers.. cos of mist.. the sense of height makes one feel precarious.. we stepped with gingerly footwork.. stopped midway and waited for the mists to clear and the Dawn to break.. for a better view..

After couple of hours of trek we found a shallow stream where we had our breakfast and continued the trek.We were very cautious as we did not know when the train would come
especially on the bridges, where couple of us would move fast to a safe place called refuge and signal others to follow .Then we got the first tunnel which was around 250 mts long,everyone of us reached for our torches as it was pitch dark inside the tunnel.Soon for the excitement rather it was a tense moment, we heard the sound of the train engine, Everyone of us panicked to reach to a safe place.Which we did in time as train was too slow.It was a goods train with 2 engines and more than fifty boogies.

Sakaleshpura trek

# On Bangalore-Hassan-Mangalore highway (NH48)
# 225km from Bangalore, 35 km West of Hassan, 128km East of Mangalore

# How To Reach: From Bangalore, take any bus to Mangalore. Best option is to board the night train to mangalore,
which reaches Sakleshpur by 4:00-4:30.
From Mysore, take the 12:10 train to sakleshpur-subramanya-mangalore.Which reaches sakleshpur by 4:00-4:30.
There is a couple of minute stop in Donigal,make sure to get down quickly.The trek starts from Donigal.

# Part of 147 km meter gauge rail track from Sakleshpur to Mangalore (Kankanadi).
# Trekker's Territory: stretch from Sakaleshpur to Subramanya (2 days+), through the Western Ghats

# Sakaleshpur (starting near Donigal Station) to Yedakumeri Station (20km) can be trekked in a day.
# Best Season : Oct - Jan

# Stuff to carry: Food, Water and a Torch Light (to traverse the long Tunnels, upto 572m)

# Now there's train service in this route. Mostly goods train, the only passenger trains are Bangolore to Mangalore and vice versa.
Trek starts from Donigal railway station, abt 7 kms down the road from Sakleshpur

# Once on the tracks, after the Highway-bridge over the tracks near Donigal,
There are only 2 access points to the Highway.. one,
4km trek thru' jeep tracks from the Base Camp of the
workers, just before the First Tunnel..
which is at 55th km-mark (the trek starts near 48th km.)
The Next access to highway is a 5km trek down the jungle-slopes behind Yedakumeri Station.
Have to cross a shallow river next to the Ghat-highway, with rocky, slippery riverbed.
Which is a dangerous route, hence get the help from the locals at Yedukumeri station.
From there you could reach subramanya by taking a jeep at the nearby village.
Another route is also around 5-km trek in the jungle to reach another village.Take a jeep from there to reach back to sakaleshpura.
P.S consult the locals at the yedukumari station.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The unusual ride

Even though I had been caught by the traffic police twice, I had not paid fine even once, thanks to my usual stories which I guess, were believed by the police inspectors. But this time it didn’t happen to be so, instead I had this exciting experience.

I had gone to the city main square to get my text books. I parked my vehicle in front of the City market and went to the shop which was on the first floor. After a hard bargain, I made the shopkeeper to reduce the price of the books by 50 rupees then I came to the place where I had parked my bike.

I could not find my bike, soon I spotted a police officer. I complained to him that my bike was missing. He pointed towards a truck which had all the vehicles, parked in the no parking zone.
My vehicle was among them. I regretted myself for loosing 300 rupees. This would have never happened if I had not spent time in bargaining.

Now I had to get my vehicle back. I went to the truck and asked the person in the truck, where the truck was headed to. He said it is going to the nearest police station. I did not want to spend more money,not even for the auto rickshaw. Instead I asked him for the ride in the same truck. He said hope on. I went to the police station sitting on my bike which was in the truck. Later I paid the fine and got my bike back.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Scared to Death

I believe in ghosts, but I am not scared of it. I'll tell you for sure you will be scared, really scared if you see one standing in front of you, If it is standing in front you just by an inch. That is what happened to me last week.

After playing football in the evening, We usually talk to each other. Talking in the sense we often imitating lecturers, friends and sometimes discuss on our projects.

One evening after the game, we were seriously discussing on the A.I. programming, as how it could be done and its scope and so on. Suddenly my friends stopped talking. They all became quite and stared behind me. I kept on talking untill to realize that someone was standing behind me. I turned back slowly to see a women standing next to me just by an inch. I was terrified; never in my life I had been scared so much. She was wearing a white sari and she had that ghostly smile, it was the one which scared me.

Soon I ran away from her. Seeing me run, my friends too ran away. She chased me and one my friend, shouting”Give me some money, give me some money”. I ran to my bike sat on it and tried to start it, but it was not getting started. My friend who was sitting behind me was shouting "Go quickly go... go...".Which made me more tensed. Then the bike started. We moved on the sand and fell. We were so terrified that we did not care.We quickly sat on the bike and rode back to my home.

My friends were waiting for us in front of my house. We recalled what had happened, soon to realize that she was only a beggar, who was drunk. Even today if I remember her face it scares me. This makes me feel, that did we encounter a real ghost?

Monday, October 1, 2007


It had been four years since I played this game,when I,along with my friends used to play it in front of my house on the road often getting scolded by the passer by.And it was the world cup football again and the game quickly caught up with us.But this time we decided to play in the ground in the vicinity of my home.

For the first time we were able to see beyond cricket. we really enjoyed playing football.Soon we all got accoustomed to the ethics and rules of the game, and also getting hurt.I happened to be the Goal keeper,after some extraordinary saves(for me) became quite famous among the boys.

All was going well when one day one of my friend Arun Antony came with a news that there was a football tournament being held by the Railways in the city.I who happened to be a novice to this game thought we had pretty good players in our team with whom we would be able to contest.So I pumped up everyone and made them believe that we could be a real contest in this tournament.So that evening we formulated a best combination of players who were available for us.

Next morning ,All of us excited and bit nervous left for the Railway Grounds where the tournament was being held.We were the first team to get over there, we had couple of footballs, so we started practicing .Then suddenly couple of Vans rushed on to the ground out came the players with their coach. Most of the players of this team were tibetians who were hugely built up.The game organiser who happened to Arun's father's friend said that the first match for us is against this tibetian team.We were not prepared for this and we were not ready to risk ourselves for this silly tournament.So Arun with some influence asked the organiser to change our tie.So he asked us to to play against Ganesh F.C. I went to a spectator and asked him "How good is the team Ganesh F.C"? He said it was the best team over here, seeded no.1. So we asked the organiser to change the tie again.Finally the organiser asked us to come for the afternoon session.All of us had our breakfast in GTR restaurant and left for our home.

All of us assembled in the ground for the afternoon session,the organiser got us jerseys(shirts)which was brasil team's uniform.Quickly one of my friend grabbed a shirt and ran with it crying "I've got No.9 I've got No.9" (No.9 is on Ronaldo's shirt).Soon we all started laughing as we found out all the shirts had No.9 on their backs.Finally we got our tie,it was against the Mysore Medical College(M.M.C).The organiser then asked the name of our football club.We gave him an instantaneous name saying Man U Football Club(After Manchester United F.C).Then they annonced the commencement of our match "Next match it is MMC verses MANU F.C". They spelt 'MAN U' as 'MANU'( as a hindu name).They once again announced "MANU F.C assemble".We thought what is in the name and never bothered to inform them.

Atlast the moment we were waiting for, the match began. Both the teams went to the ground.One of my friend asked "Is the football ground really this big" ?.I wondered how we are going to play with players who did not even know the size of the ground.
I was among the extra players sitting on the bench. As the refree blew the wistle one of our player kicked the ball and twisted his leg with the first kick! He called for the replacement ,the refree did not even notice the change as he could not believe that there could such an early replacement.In the first itself minute a goal was scored by the opposite team.None of our players could have the ball even for a few seconds.There was not even a single pass by our team.As our players could not play in this big ground they started playing in their own half.
I would say customising the size the ground. Soon there was an another goal.Along with all their players the goal keeper of the opposite team also moved into our half.

The coaches of other teams started teasing us,Hence couple of our players went and sat with the spectators.One of the coach asked us "Hey where have you guys of 'MANU' F.C come from?"one of my friend Ajay replied "After searching whole of Mysore and then after carefully choosing players from each area we formulated this team" .Another one asked "Where are your players ?I see no one in the other half of the ground".Quickly Ajay showed to them pointing to the other side of the ground."Look over there"."Where?" the man asked again.Ajay replied"Look over there they are sitting with the spectators".The man became angry as he thought Ajay was making fun of him. We decided to leave the place and we too sat with the spectators.
Finally the match was over.The refrees thought it was pretty much one sided and decided to stop the game.Game was held for just around 5 to 6 minutes.And we lost the game 3 to nil.

The guys came back from the ground and started discussing on what went wrong. I interuptted them, saying "I know what went wrong .It was in the name, they called our team name wrong that is why we lost".Everyone had a laugh and they agreed with me.Then everyone decided that, on the first case we should not have been here.Then Arun interupted saying"Chinup guys we were new to football, next week there is cricket tournament over here we'll pereform well in cricket".Everyone stared at Arun for a moment.Then Arun said "I was just kidding".